Simple FIX for RSS feed validation problem / error – not validating

There’s nothing worse than Googling for what seems like hours for a what should be a simple answer to a simple problem. It happened to me today, so I hope this helps others from the same needless fate.

I noticed on a client site that the RSS feed had a problem and was displaying a validation error, not validating when I tried to check them at

I would get this validation error:
line 1, column 1: Blank line before XML declaration

It seems that there were extra spaces before the XML declarations in the feed XML file.

There were tons of suggestions for fixes using plugins and ‘fix’ files, but none of them worked for me. It had to be more simple because I tried deactivating my plugins – that didn’t work. Then I tried switching themes to the default TwentyTwelve – and that worked, so it had to be something in my theme.


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Still think you don’t need a social presence or policy?

ABSTRACT: By illustrating how easy it was for me (or anyone else) to ‘highjack’ a small business’ social media accounts, this article outlines why all businesses MUST have a minimum social media presence, and more importantly, a social media policy in place for employees.

As a provider of social media management services to businesses, I’m amazed at how many decision makers I encounter who still believe they don’t need a social media presence or policy.

I’m going to use a recent example of a customer/provider incident that I’m involved in to illustrate the absolute necessity for any business to have at least a minimum social media presence, as well as a strict social media policy for their employees.

Claim Your Social Media Identity, Or Someone Else Will

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Featured Client Project –

Merry Maids Canada

“Their deep knowledge of all aspects of the web has made 3RING and invaluable resource for us.”
~ B. Goodwin,
Merry Maids Canada

Project Highlights

Merry Maids has been a client for the past 3 years, and has not only trusted us to provide design and development for their web projects, but also to provide cost-saving alternative solutions to many online marketing and branding issues.

This latest update to their website was requested in order to maintain continuity with their USA parent website. The goal was to emulate the look and feel of the USA site, while maintaining the unique Canadian flavour of design and content.

Unique Features

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We’ve gone MOBI!

That’s right, you can now check out on your favourite SuperPhone, SmartPhone, iPad, workpad, communicator or spaceship console. Just visit any page on with your mobile device and the site will automatically detect what device you’re using and display things accordingly (we hope. that’s the plan, anyway).

Our mobi-app-logo-icon: Mobile App icon

Some screen shots for your viewing pleasure:
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Featured Client Project –

Featured Client Project -

“No headaches. Awesome service. Quick delivery. We should’ve had 3RING replace our old web designer sooner.”
~ L. Mark,
Blake Jarrett & Co.

Project Highlights

Blake Jarrett & Co. came to us after hearing of our services through a friend. The flash website that they had just paid a significant amount for was sub-par in design quality, performance and effectiveness at portraying their brand essence.

Working together with their in-house designers, we co-created an elegant design and layout that allowed the website to properly showcase their products in a fashion that speaks who they are.

Unique Features

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We’re ALIVE!

A new era...

We’re entering a new era…

We’ve decided to be more social. And sometimes being more social means putting on new clothes. So that’s why we’ve decided to finally update our site and hook ourselves up to some awesome social networks to share our mind, heart and soul with you.

So today, we launch the new version of we’ve been calling…


Check it out.

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