We’re ALIVE!

A new era...

We’re entering a new era…

We’ve decided to be more social. And sometimes being more social means putting on new clothes. So that’s why we’ve decided to finally update our site and hook ourselves up to some awesome social networks to share our mind, heart and soul with you.

So today, we launch the new version of 3RING.com we’ve been calling…


Check it out.

Please start clicking on the links in the upper navigation to see what we do, who we do it for and why we do it, and please also share us with your networks, because caring is sharing, and we’ll send you $50 every time you do. OK, now if you’ve even read this far, you know that was a joke, right?

So ya, we’re trying to set an example by being more social, so if you could please help us out a little and use the social icons you secretly have an account at and are able to influence millions of loyal followers with?

Gee, thanks. We’d Like you too, if you had a fan page. And if you do, please tell us! Contact us here, and if we really like you, we’ll Like you too.